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Alternatives To The BADFive

In the “ideal world” all restaurant patrons would bring their own “to go” reusable containers, drinks containers, straws etc.  when taking food or beverages out of a restaurant. While this trend is becoming more popular, we feel we can help the customer learn about eco-friendly options, make it easy for them to visit restaurants that use alternatives, or are friendly to customers bringing their own, so we can skip the single-use plastic for good


Our intent is NOT to endorse any manufacturer, nor can we test for safety and efficacy of any product.  Rather, we want you to “rethink plastic” options and begin to explore all the eco-friendly packaging alternatives available!  There are so many out there!


Kraft paper upright handled shopping bags are made with 100% post-consumer paper and available in a variety of sizes.

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-15-19-396-


This compostabl;e tin tie paper bag with window is eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled materials 

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-15-19-401-


Heavy duty matte white cardboard bakery boxes are shipped flat and available in a variety of sizes

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-15-19-413.


Every component of a take-out meal can be packaged in an eco-friendly container, Even the salad dressing. All manner of portion cups are available.

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-300.


Forgo cardboard sleeves and save the trees! These Ecogrip sleeves are plant based.

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-312.


This means an item will break down into natural materials  in the environment without causing harm. Select these! They bio-degrade into carbon dioxide, water, and other naturally occurring minerals

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-290.


Kraft take-out food containers are made from 100% recycled cardboard paper available in a variety of sizes

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-15-19-408.


Folded top take-out containers can be conveniently closed using the tabs at the top. They eliminate the need and hassle of a (plastic!) lid.

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-15-19-402.


Convenience doesn't need to be sacrificed when disposable plates are needed. Again,these products are plant-based

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-294.


Beware "greenwashing" by manufacturers. Just because it has a leaf, doesn't mean it's safe. Read and Choose carefully. This box is good to go!

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-287.


A versatile all-in-one mini eating utensil made from bamboo (shown here in the two-utensil variant)

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-343.


Many plant based containers will say containers“eco-friendly” BUT contain PLA (polylactic acid) or are coated in plastic. These additives  turn plant based products into the equivalent of a plastic container.

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-284.


Eco-friendly paper bags are readily available Earth-conscious alternatives to typical paper bags

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-15-19-420.


Aiming for zero waste means designing products and packaging with reuse and recycling in mind

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-15-19-403.


Almost any commercially available to-go container is available in a product that is safe and sustainable.

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-302.


Single use plastic items often discarded without even being used! Use, paper, wood or steel. There are plenty on the market.

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-337.


It's easy, inexpensive and convenient. Once you've done it, you'll wonder why you waited so long. Spread the word!

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-348.


PLA plastics may say “compostable” on them. These products are compostable oin an industrial composting facility where it will take 3 months  or up to 1,000 years in a landfill. These containers are a safe option.

RETHINKING PLASTIC Product 10-11-19-307.
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