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Our intent is NOT to endorse any manufacturer, nor can we test for safety and efficacy of every product.  Rather, we need to “rethink plastic” options and begin to explore all the eco-friendly packaging alternatives available. What we do know is that at this time Rethinking Plastic does not recommend products that must be composted in a commercial composting facility. Because there is no facility near the Sarasota area, these products act like plastic and have the same ill-effects as plastic when they become litter or make their way to our oceans.


These lists of alternative offerings below will continue to grow and become more economical as demand increases. They are meant for both restaurants and individuals.  If you have one to add, please let us know!

Alternatives to Polystyrene and Plastic To-Go Containers

Alternatives to polystyrene & plastic To-Go containers include

 plant based & paper based clamshells, condiment cups, plates, bowls, and boxes.


Our recommendations are plant based without PLA liners, so they can decompose in both commercial composting facilities and in your backyard compost.


Paper based To-Go containers are made from 100% recycled cardboard paper and available in a variety of sizes. We recommend the ones with no PLA lining.


If we can remember to bring our own and encourage this, we're ahead of the game! Definitely easier for women who carry a purse.

Alternatives to plastic & polystyrene cups and lids include filling customers' personal bottles and offering reusables for dining in.


Alternatives to plastic & polystyrene cups and lids for beverages that are dispensed in bulk are difficult to find if you do not include commercially composted items. 


Alternatives to plastic straws include paper, metal, glass,

bamboo, hay and pasta!

Alternatives to Plastic & Polystyrene Cups, Lids &  Straws


Besides reusable glass and plastic cups, stay tuned for better alternatives for beverages to go.


Go lidless for now if you can. When we find a lid that is up to the challenge, expect an update! Most are made from pressed polystyrene.


There are numerous options for straws now. Many are deciding to Skip the Straw!

Alternatives to plastic bottles include filling customers' personal bottles, offering reusables for dining in and offering beverages in hermetically sealed glass and aluminium for take outs.

Alternatives to Plastic Bottles


Using reusable glass, plastic and ceramic  cups and beverage containers is the best for dine in customers.


Committing to offer only beverages for take out in sustainable containers aids the efforts in reducing plastic bottle consumption.


Encourage customers to bring their own beverage containers for take out.

Alternatives to plastic bags include paper, cloth and bringing ones own.


Alternatives to Plastic Bags

Alternatives to plastic utensils include metal and various woods like bamboo.

Alternatives to Plastic Utensils


Paper bags made with 95% post-consumer content are already wide-spread in use.


Like plastic shopping bags, produce bags are used in the millions every day. Reusable options for these are affordable and plentiful.


All types of reusable bags exist and incentives for customers who bring their own go a long way. Cotton is the best but roll up polyester to re-usable plastic work as runners-up. 


Using reusable utensils like metal in establishments is the best for dine in customers.


An abundance of wood utensils abound from bamboo to birch.


Carrying a spork in a pouch with a reusable straw, collapsible cup and cloth napkin will get you through any eating experience!

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